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Experience The Ultimate Flossing Difference!

  • Don’t Toss! Like a Toothbrush! Lasts a Week.
  • WHY? It’s Braided Nylon, NOT FLOSS!
  • Shaped Weird to Reach Everywhere, 90° Patented Head.
  • Gum Luv: Massages Gums for a Healthy Mouth.
  • Enjoy Flossing Fast & Easy! Most Floss in 1 Minute!

It’s NOT FLOSS! Use The Flosser with Braided Nylon!

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT ‘FLOSS’! The Harp Flosser is made of fiber that’s stronger than regular floss. This flosser is so unique as it’s made with braided nylon, like your toothbrush, so you can confidently FLOSS, RINSE, REPEAT up to a week! With ‘Low Stretch’ properties, each of our flossers’ thread will stay perfectly taut between the Harp Head so you floss fast & easy all the way to the gums where it counts. That’s continuous gentle effective flossing, saving money over single use flossers. The Ultimate Tool for Braces and yes, Reusable! OUR POLICY: YOU FLOSS HAPPY or MONEY BACK.



What is The Harp Happy Promise? Any Consumer Pack You Pick is backed with this simple guarantee: If you don’t floss HAPPY, simply contact us any way you’d prefer, email, messenger, phone. Immediately, without question, we refund your purchase 100%! But please Keep The Flossers, your entire purchase as our gift. That’s Confidence and how we care for every customer.


Shaped Weird So It Flosses Fast, Watch This!

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